Practice Info

About Us

Chester Surgery offers a full general practice service and run specialist’s clinics for children and pregnant women, diabetes and asthma sufferers and for patients needing minor surgery.

Our team consists of 1 GP, 1 Practice Nurse/Manager as well as recption staff.

We as a practice are NOT a training practice.

We have access at the front and rear of the premises for disabled patients.

Practice Vision

As a single handed family practice we are committed to providing High Quality Care to our patients and all users of our services.  We aim to be professional and considerate and consistently maintain standards.

To achieve this and to serve our population for the years to come we will:

  • Always strive to improve our services further
  • Improve our professional development regularly
  • Continue to respond to the needs of others
  • Improve our communication skills both medically and clearically
  • Keep our own health in order to be able to serve our users to the best of our ability
  • Continue to work as a team
  • Monitor our practice population regularly and take action if the practice population increases significantly by employing extra staff both medically and clerically
  • Continue to provide a clean, presentable and safe environment
  • Respond to concerns in a timely and proactive manner
  • Utilise technology to serve our population


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